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Python Data Structure

Good news everyone! The next lesson of our course for Python Programming Language with our own Prof. Dr. Artan Luma, Nazif Selimi and Dardan Osmani.

The course will start with:

Date: 18 & 25.11.2022

Time: 17:00

Location: iCan – Gostivar

Topic: Python Data Structure


In this lesson you will learn about:

  • Python TUPLE — Pack, Unpack, Compare, Slicing, Delete, Key
  • Python Dictionary(Dict) — Update, Len, Sort, Copy, Items, str Example
  • Python Dictionary Append — How to Add Key/Value Pair
  • Python Operators — Arithmetic, Logical, Comparison, Assignment, Bitwise & Precedence
  • Python Not Equal (!=) — Python Not Equal (!=) Operator with Examples
  • Python Arrays — Create, Reverse, Pop with Python Array Examples
  • Python 2D Arrays — Python 2D Arrays: Two-Dimensional List Examples

You will get certified for the course and get a iCan certificate!

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