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OPEN CALL (expert/lecturer in the field of Full-Stack Web Coding and Development)

OPEN CALL (expert/lecturer in the field of Full-Stack Web Coding and Development)

iCan is looking to engage one expert/lecturer in the field of Full-Stack Web Coding and Development Instructor with a technical base in web development and programming who is ready to share this knowledge and passion in a 6-week program

Applicants will need to provide to iCan the syllabus of the course and implementation plan that will articulate the overall ToR requirements including the proposed methodology, clear timeline and process sharing.

Methodology and field of action

The Lecturer is expected to:

Create methodology and dynamics related to Full Stack Web Development course, teach participants to create websites, teach participants programming in JavaScript, reinforce problem solving in programming to participants, learn the concept of client / server.

Expected results

After training, students should be able to:

  • Create functional websites;
  • Understand the different types of JavaScript functionality;
  • Work in different ways of programming;
  • To be trained in teamwork.

The lecturer will be responsible for:

  • the organization and delivery of high quality teaching material and evaluation of a success level of students;
  • Advice and support for students and companies during the course;
  • Final report on the implementation of the procedure after the completion of the handover process.

Requirements for Mentors experience and skills:

Diploma in a field suitable for training;
Over 2 years’ experience in the field of training and mentoring of high school students;
Theoretical and applied experience related to ecosystems for innovation and startups;
Ability to work independently and in situations with tight dynamics and tight deadlines;
Excellent interpersonal communication and consulting skills.

This is part-time position, a commitment of 6 hours per week is required. Program information and course descriptions is as follows:

  • Design, implement, publish, and maintain websites using authoring or scripting languages, content creation tools, management tools, and digital media
  • Explain how to organize a consistent and functional website from both user and business perspectives
  • Evaluate code for validity and structure that meets industry standards
  • Test code for browser and device compatibility
  • Work with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), explain what they can do and how to use them
  • Build web applications, and recognize and explain web programming, coding languages, web protocols, frameworks, and standards
  • Utilize libraries
  • Explain the skills needed for front-end and back-end development and how they work together

Specific Instructor Duties:

  • Develop and/or update course syllabus in consultation with the  iCan.
  • Prepare and deliver online course materials and learning assessments in the assigned format
  • Utilize the Google Classroom / Moodle as the course support platform
  • Communicate teaching objectives and specific learning outcomes to students
  • Evaluate student achievement of specific learning outcomes
  • Stay current regarding the professional body of knowledge in the field of practice
  • Complete required administrative tasks in a timely manner including: completing all hiring paperwork; submitting updated syllabi;
  • Design interactive and motivational classroom activities to fully engage participants and to reinforce student learning
  • Manages and delivers the course materials to students in an engaging thought-provoking manner in our online learning management system
  • Acts as a technical mentor guiding students on a technical journey of discovery
Application deadline 24.09.2021

To apply for this position please send us the required documents on: ican@seeu.edu.mk

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